“Chocolate Shop” – Wine for chocolate lovers available in Alko!

“Chocolate Shop” – wine for chocolate lovers!

Available now in Alko´s order-selection. The sweet (sugar 65 g/l) Spanish wine made of Tempranillo-variety and chocolate! You may order this amazing aromatized wine from your all Alko shops. 12,84 € / 0,75 l. Alko product nro 949677.

Chocolate Shop may be enjoyed both as dessert wine or with food:
– Sweets as Chocolate Brownies, Tiramisu, Sorbets, Compotes and Cherry Pie
– Savoury flavours – Salt & black pepper, fresh peppers, chilli, piri piri, spring onion, shallots
– Cheeses – Blue Veined, Hard, Mature Cheeses
– Meats – Slow Matured Beef Fillet – served with plenty of black pepper. Venison Burgers topped with Chorizo, Mature Cheddar and Rocket

Chocolate Shop