The bubbly summer memory!


“I was hanging out on Hietaniemi beach with my brother and a couple from Minnesota we are friendly with, basking in the sun and playing frisbee. One of us threw the frisbee too far and it sunk into the water. We all dived in and started searching for it from the seabed, apart from my brother who is nearly two metres tall and could simply wade in and search with his feet. A few moments later he shouted that he had found something and dived to the bottom. Imagine our surprise when he came back to the surface holding a bottle! The label had come off but the letters ‘BM’ were still just about readable on the wrap around the cork. It took me a moment to realize that the bottle contained Bernard-Massard sparkling wine that is still available today.

Once back on the shore we let our imaginations fly – how had the bottle ended up in the sea? Maybe it had dropped from a boat at midsummer, or had been lost on the ice some New Year’s Eve? My brother examined the bottle and found the seal to be still intact. So without any further delay, one of us got plastic cups from the beach café. The wine was still excellent! I remember us deciding that in addition to being pretty nice, the wine didn’t taste at all cheap. It was one of the best days of the summer!” (21 July 2014.)
Next time we went out together, we needn’t wonder which sparkly wine our Minnesotan friends would bring to the sauna evening! (Notice the bottle on the table)
Hanna Onttonen