to Astra Wines

Astra Wines Oy is a privately owned specialist importer and marketer of alcoholic beverages. We offer high-quality alcoholic beverages to Finnish consumers from all main wine production areas. We consider this task to be extremely interesting and motivating, as interest in wines in Finland has increased phenomenally over the past decade. We are constantly monitoring developments and trends in the sector, and work hard to discover products suitable to Finnish tastes.

We value our partners

Our main cooperation partners include small and medium-sized wine houses, most of which are family-owned businesses. We make a point of establishing passionate and long-term relationships with our partners. The cornerstones of our business are reliability, efficiency, and innovativeness. In addition to Alko, the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly, we sell and market our products to wholesalers and passenger transport companies. Our warehousing and logistics services are operated by MeGroup Oy.

Best regards, Astra Wines team